Tidal Analysis and Prediction


Tridel provides a software solution for the tidal analysis and prediciton which can predict in a weekly, monthly or yearly basis,

Our Desktop application ATtide include the following specialized modules:

  • Data QA
  • Analyse
  • Predict
  • Tide Tables
  • Tidal Streams
  • Hydro Survey
  • ROMS View
  • And other customized modules...

What is ATtide

Is a new kind of tidal analysis and prediction software. It comes with a number of unique features including:

User-friendly professional-quality tidal analysis and prediction
Data QA module for editing data to remove spikes, gaps, and datum shifts.

Analyse tidal water levels or currents
Optional tidal model for user's region of interest.

View tidal water levels or currents as map or time series
Ability to create tidal calendars in user-specified format.

Essential hydrographic survey tools.
TRIDEL "Total support" package with full training.

Who is ATtide designed for ?

Institutions responsibles for predicting tidal water levels and currents, particularly in critical areas of minimal under-keel clearance or large tidal streams.

Professional marine personnel with the following background:

  • Oceanographers
  • Meteorologists
  • Hydrographic Surveyors
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Planners
  • Managers
  • Anyone who needs to understand the tidal behavior in their region

Equipment and Data Formats


ATtide supports multiple data formats from every known manufacturer of tidal water level and current equipment
This includes many binary formats, ASCII, MS Excel, CSV, NMEA, Mat-Files, and many others.

ATtide Quality Assurance control
  • ATtide's intelligent design tests the incoming data and chooses the appropriate algorithm automatically
  • Failsafe mechanisms are built in to prevent errors
  • Designed for use by official tidal bureaus responsible for maintaining the national tidal database


Groundwater & Inland Water Stations
  • Hydro-met weather stations for gauging of water levels of rivers and inland water bodies.
  • Water quality monitoring stations for groundwater as well as inland water bodies.

Coastal Stations
  • Coastal monitoring stations for measurement of oceanographic parameters like tides, waves, water current profiling along with general weather parameters.
  • Applications including coastal stations integrated with local geodetic network, long term sea level change monitoring.

ATtide Solution

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    Data QA

    Tool to interpolate across gaps, de-spike, adjust for datums shift, and more...

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    This tool analyses the sea level data to find the amplitude and phase of the harmonics and save the results to a file.

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    A tidal prediction reads in a harmonics file and does a tidal prediction. All it needs are the harmonics, the times for which predictions are required, the time zone of the harmonics, and the time zone for the prediction.

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    Tide Tables

    Creates a one week at glance tidal calendar. Once a prediction file has been read in a start date selected, and a datum shift added, the create calendar button creates a screen and a PDF version of the week's tides for the site.

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    Tidal Streams

    This module analysis currents and plots the eastward and northward components of velocity. Also plots the principle axis velocity if the currents are sufficiently polarised.

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    Hydro Survey

    This module predicts tidal water level and currents anywhere in the domain. Also make a water level prediction based the tide gauge harmonics.

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    ROMS view

    This is a viewer for netcdf files specifically tailored for viewing currents and sea levels from a ROMS tidal model. Can be viewed as an animation of a map of sea level or currents, as a time series over the model period, or as a transect.

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    ATtide Training

    Our training courses are to build capacity to our client through effective knowledge transfer using our training dataset and the client's data.