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Tridel Technologies

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Tridel Technologies

Tridel Technologies Group is a professional organization providing environmental solutions with integrated competences of environmental science, engineering, and technology. Our core expertise caters in delivering end-to-end solutions for environmental surveying, monitoring and mapping through data collection, data processing, product deliverables, data & deliverables management, integration with GIS database and developing custom build software and applications enhancing our clients for environmental data driven decision making augmenting the collective responsibility & commitments towards our environment.

  • GeoScience

    Study GEO World

    Tridel Technologies Geoscience solutions covers mainly environmental studies and consultancy support in wide spectrum of applications in the fields of Ecology, Marine Biology, Biodiversity, Climatology, Hydrology, Oceanographic, Soil & Air Quality studies. Our environmental science studies cater to wide spectrum of user group includes governmental agencies, municipalities, scientific organization, oil and gas companies, ports and maritime authorities, marine construction and dredging providers, industrial and project development units and so on.

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  • GeoInformatics

    Collect GEO Data

    Our approach for establishing integrated environmental monitoring, surveying and mapping solutions includes consultancy, project management, monitoring stations, integrating survey platforms, services of hydrographic/ topographic/geophysical surveys, and data management systems and published products includes models, charts, forecast, spatial application etc. Tridel Technologies Geoinformatics division caters to the environmental monitoring & surveying community in terms of integrated products & solution for data collection and as well as services of data collection by providing data-as-services and survey services.

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  • GeoEngineering

    Develop GEO Solutions

    The findings of studies and data being collected to be effectively and efficiently applied to provide value-added solutions for effective analysis and decision making. Tridel Technologies Geoengineering solutions caters this objective through our customized software, applications, centralized database management, statistical models, geospatial applications etc. We believe in core strength of any information is by making use for decision making and our customized tools and technologies will enhance our customers towards managing the deliverables of any study, monitoring and survey programs.

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Tridel ARK

Scientific and Survey Vessel

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Innovative solutions
enhancing environmental commitment & objectives

Tridel Technologies is a UAE based company, with a global reach through its professional team includes environmental scientists, ecologist, biologist, surveyors, engineers, cartographers, project managers, software developers, spatial database and GIS experts. Our end-to-end solutions from studies, data collection, data management, publishing, integration, customized engineering and software solutions in close cooperation with customer collectively leads to progressive results towards our environmental commitment & objectives for A BETTER ENVIRONMENT.


To be the leading provider of environmental monitoring, surveying, mapping services through application of latest technologies and innovations.


Deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions in environmental monitoring, surveying and mapping, through value -based application of technology and expertise.

The Smart biogeoinformatic platform


The eSpecia is a comprehensive, data mapping and management system which stores, manages and presents species records. The data, which supports evidence-based assessments of biodiversity, is made available in formats useful to planners, researchers, government and non-governmental organisations, and to the public.

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Our solutions are mainly categorized based on applications relating to GEO fields in all aspects of study, data collection, processing, database management, publishing and delivering customized solutions for efficient data driven decision making.

Biodiversity Studies

Biodiversity Base Line Survey for Dubai Emirates

With rapid development and urbanization, countries are facing the problem of destruction of natural resources. Tridel Technologies has an experienced team of specialists in concerned fields of zoology, botany, entomology, wildlife conservation, environment science to conduct biodiversity surveys to support recommendations for sustainable management of biodiversity and ecology of the region.
The resulting solution in the form of an open source GIS System with mobile apps will include necessary legal framework as well as considered concurrence of stake-holder groups in the region.
Tridel conducted the biodiversity baseline survey for emirate of Dubai.

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Fisheries Management

Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) for the Emirate of Dubai

With the dynamic development of coastal zones and increasing expectations, all coastal regions must take care of their marine resources with the view to facilitate optimal exploitation without deteriorating the environment. Tridel Technologies has the expertise to conduct complete marine survey and data collection of hydrography, bathymetry, sea conditions including water quality, temperature and currents, fish and other species, coral reefs, etc. Tridel Technologies uses innovative technology including satellite data, air-borne sensors, ROV and fully-equipped marine survey vessels as needed.
The marine fisheries of Dubai are vulnerable to both man-made (overfishing, seaward land extensions, pollution, vessel traffic, etc.) and natural (climate change and temporal variability) perturbations. Tridel Technologies carried out studies to understand and recommend the aquaculture suitable native fish and/or shellfish species based on subsequent parametric details of biology of certain aquaculture-amenable species.

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Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic Survey of territorial waters of Dubai

Tridel hydrographic services include:
• Establishing chart datum
• Bathymetric surveys & Sea-bed profiling
• Charting and mapping consultancy
• Production analysis and customized publication of bathymetric data
• Design, implementation and managing the geospatial bathymetry databases
We conducted bathymetric survey of territorial waters of Dubai in IHO special accuracy to produce nautical charts. Combination of various surveys such as Multibeam (with 100% bottom coverage), sidescan, sub bottom profiling and magnetometry was carried out in an area of 1981 sq km and the data populated in Integrated Geospatial Marine Database management system for planning and decision making developed by Tridel. The complete project, survey workflow, vessel, crews and reporting are managed and executed through Tridel Survey Management Suite (T-SMS). Tridel delivered 15 m GRP vessel integrated with advanced survey platform to Dubai Municipality.

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Odour Monitoring Networks

For Dubai

Dubai is the hub for tourism and sustainable growth . Together with Dubai Municipality and 13 prime industries in Dubai, Tridel established an Odor Monitoring Network using eNose to improve local air quality. The real-time data is integrated to central database for monitoring and action plans.
Electronic noses, in short eNoses, are compact instruments comprising a sensor array that responds to small variations in the reactive gas concentration in ambient air. Industrial gas emissions often hold a certain amount of reactive trace gases that can be detected by eNoses. Since the released trace gases can possess some odorous content the eNose has a potential to detect presence of industrial odours in the environment. The eNoses are online connected to a remote computer system via a wireless data communications link. Software on the remote computer interprets the signals of the remote eNoses in realtime. A software agent automatically triggers an immediate alert when the eNoses detect a change of the ambient air composition that has the likelihood of being malodorous.

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Inspection Management System

The smart Inspection Management System

The world is going digital. Digital devices connect people and businesses with machines and processes like never before. Moving from paper-based systems to modern digital systems adds value and improves productivity. More than just eliminating the incompetence, errors and costs of paper-driven processes, moving to a digital environment adds value.

As part of Dubai SMART initiative and enhancement of environmental compliance polices across industries in Dubai, Environment Department of Dubai Municipality took a Digital Transformation initiative and awarded Development of an Environmental Inspection Management System Phase 1 project to Tridel Meteorology Projects contracting LLC to implement a SMART Environmental Inspection Management System.

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