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Fisheries Management

Integrated Fisheries Management


With the dynamic development of coastal zones and increasing expectations, all coastal regions must take care of their marine resources with the view to facilitate optimal exploitation without deteriorating the environment. Tridel has the expertise to conduct complete marine survey and data collection of hydrography, bathymetry, sea conditions including water quality, temperature & currents, fish and other species, coral reefs, etc. Tridel uses innovative technology including satellite data, air-borne sensors, ROV and fully-equipped marine survey vessels as needed The marine fisheries of Dubai are vulnerable to both man-made (overfishing, seaward land extensions, pollution, vessel traffic, etc.) and natural (climate change and temporal variability) perturbations. TRIDEL carried out studies to understand and recommend the aquaculture suitable native fish and/or shellfish species based on subsequent parametric details of biology of certain aquaculture-amenable species.

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